Accepted Papers

  • PosterID 1:Consistent Instance Classification for Unsupervised Representation Learning - Depu Meng (University of Science and Technology of China)*; Zigang Geng (University of Science and Technology of China); Zhirong Wu (Microsoft); Bin Xiao (Microsoft); Houqiang Li (University of Science and Technology of China); Jingdong Wang (Microsoft)
  • PosterID 3:Simple Distillation Baselines for Improving Small Self-supervised Models - Jindong Gu (University of Munich)*; Wei Liu (Tencent); Yonglong Tian (MIT)
  • PosterID 5:An Analysis of Pre-Training on Object Detection - Hengduo Li (University of Maryland, College Park )*; Bharat Singh (None); Mahyar Najibi (University of Maryland); Zuxuan Wu (UMD); Larry Davis (University of Maryland)
  • PosterID 7:Learning from Long-Tailed Data with Noisy Labels - Shyamgopal Karthik (IIIT Hyderabad)*; Jerome Revaud (Naver Labs Europe); Boris Chidlovskii (Naver Labs Europe)
  • PosterID 9:Spatial-Temporal Attention through Self-Supervised Geometric Guidance - Patrick Ruhkamp (Technical University of Munich)*; Daoyi Gao (Technical University of Munich); Hanzhi Chen (Technical University Munich); Nassir Navab ("TU Munich, Germany"); Benjamin Busam (Technical University of Munich)
  • PosterID 11:Self-Supervised 3D Monocular Object Detection by Recycling Bounding Boxes - Sugirtha Thayalan (NIT Trichy); M. Sridevi (NIT Trichy); Khailash Santhakumar (SASTRA University); Hao Liu (Navya); Ravi Kiran (Navya)*; Thomas Gauthier (Navya); Senthil Yogamani (Valeo Vision Systems)